New & exclusive to Escape Beauty in the Isle of Man. Natural, non-invasive and with real results, the Bee Sting Facial uses a unique skincare range containing natural bee venom to plump and firm the skin with incredible results.

Described as a “face lift in a jar” this revolutionary treatment has been shortlisted for “Best New Anti-aging product” in the 2016 Beauty Awards. The Bee Peel facial helps combat pigmentation lines, helps to remove scarring and sun damage as well as firms & tightens the skin.

Contains organic coconut and raw cane sugar to resurface skin, minimising the visibility of lines, scars, dark spots, dullness, blemishes and enlarged pores.
Enhanced exfoliation and hydration generates plump and silky smooth skin by reducing inflammation and pore-clogging debris.
This unique, fresh formula helps boost the production of collagen which increases the strength, elasticity and thickness of the deeper layers of your skin.
The Bee Peel facial evens out skin tone, leaving a crystal clear complexion.

Contact Escape Beauty Isle of Man today for exclusive access to this amazing new facial: 07624301980